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At Water Divine Ministries we are educating, Training, Consulting & Supporting our followers in  Health and Spiritual well being.

Most companies’ greatest claims about their products state, “Our product tastes good”. Well, Soda tastes good, but is it good for you? A great claim is “Our products work, regardless of your age or present physical condition!” the body will heal itself, but it’s not magic you need real products, addressing real issues, getting real results! Would you like to have more energy, enhance your immune system and feel better in your body? We will show you how at our spiritual awakening with Water Divine Ministries!

As you read the next few pages we will address:
* The Problem (Sickness in America)
* The Product (Naturally ionized-water soluble, angstrom size, liquid minerals).
* The Process (5 Step System)
* The Potential (Get Well, Stay Well, Live Long)

After reading this you will see the difference.


Soil mineral depletionOur soil is depleted! In l992 at the International Soil Summit in Rio-de-Jenero, Scientists concluded that the North American soil’s mineral content had been depleted by 85% in the last 100 years. Given that minerals are one of, if not, the most important nutrient(s) known to man, this statistic is alarming. As a result, our fruits and vegetables have become “hollow” and void of any substantial nutritional value. Thus, sickness and disease are sweeping our nation.

Why has our soil become depleted? Depletion has been caused by “over usage” of our lands to maximize profits, by various contaminants and by the use of NPK fertilizer. The NPK fertilizer pushes the usable minerals beyond the reach of the plants’ root systems, pulls the heavy metals into the top soil, then into the plants and ultimately into our bodies.

Sick soil means sick plants, sick animals and sick people! Do you now understand why people get sick?

Listen to what one expert had to say. According to former US Surgeon General, Dr. C. Everett Koop, “Of the 2.4 million deaths that occur in the United States each year, 75% are the result of Avoidable nutritional factor diseases.” This means 3 out of 4 people that died, didn’t have to die. Who was it for you??

We are “not” eating real food! Most of the foods we eat are not real. They are loaded with “fillers”. Our processed foods are filled with food toxins, growth hormones, preservatives, and a host of other synthetic compounds that weaken our bodies. With all the additives in our foods, no wonder we spend more than 3 times the amount of money on our healthcare than we do our Western neighbors. 6l% of Americans are now overweight and another 22% are obese!. Millions of children are ADD or ADHD due to fast foods, processed foods and “white” products that have the next generation already in declining health. Now, it is common to find children under the age of 12 with diabetes, young girls’ bodies maturing before their minds and over 3 million teenagers diagnosed with depression…

Do you see the problem???

The food industry, which is over $l Trillion, creates the problem and the l.5 Trillion drug industry “treats the symptoms” created by the food. Although, there is obviously no direct conspiracy, the economic impact is the same.

Doctors and healthcare professionals have convinced us that the joint and bone pains, low energy, heart burn, arthritis, or other ailments are just a part of growing old. Could it be that you are “eating your health away?”

With the knowledge we understand that problems can have solutions.

Prescription drugs are not designed to cure diseases! They are designed to suppress the symptoms until the body finds a way of healing itself.

Prescription DrugsDid you know that billions of dollars are spent each year on research to find cures for diseases? Yet, the last major disease that was eradicated was Polio. That was over 60 years ago. Did you know we lose roughly 250,000 of our loved ones each year to prescription drugs? That’s right…a quarter of a million people die by properly and improperly taking prescription drugs. In any given year, this makes prescription drugs, one of the top five killers in the country. Yet, you have never heard about this. Do you see the reason to gain this knowledge and understanding? With the best technology in the world, we rank #1 in trauma care among industrialized nations; however, when it comes to degenerative diseases, we rank about 37th in the world.

It is reported that l in 3 women will have some type of cancer in their lifetime. For the men, don’t feel out-done, they are saying that l in 2 men will have some type of cancer during their lifetime.

Where are the medical breakthroughs? In l960, l in every 2500 children was diagnosed with autism. By 2005, l in every 125 children was diagnosed with autism.
In 2009 it is “l in l00” OR Worse!

Does it make sense to take a drug to “fix” one thing, but “break” 3 or 4 other things as reflected by the side effects? Organs in your body that were working just fine before the drugs are now being damaged. Now you have to take more drugs for the damaged organs which ultimately leads where? To declining health and possibly even death!

Do you now understand that maybe what we thought was designed to help us may in fact be hurting or even killing us?

Internal toxins are damaging our bodies. Just like your car needs an internal cleaning (oil change) in order to operate properly, the body needs an internal cleansing. With all the toxins we allow into our bodies through our foods and water, along with the synthetic drugs that millions of Americans take, we have created a cesspool for disease to grow. If you put garbage into your system, but never take it out, it’s going to create major health-related problems.

Cleansing is a key component to maintaining optimal health. Any wellness message that does not include the message of cleansing is an incomplete message. Walt has one of the most comprehensive cleansing programs in the industry.

Walt focuses on the body’s foundation first and foremost. We go back to the understanding that certain nutritional needs have to be met. This creates the proper foundation which our body is required to have, to be able to heal itself. Nature has given us the information needed, using a little logic we can all understand how it works.

Angstrom-sized particles, most are l0,000 times smaller than the pharmaceutical grade products. Pharmaceuticals are micron sized that have been manipulated. Angstrom sized particles are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and immediately consumed by the cells while in the bloodstream.

Naturally ionized – mineral products naturally breakdown until the particles pick up the ionized charge. This allows the minerals to attach to the walls of the intestines and then be absorbed into the bloodstream. You can’t get any better than “natures own design”.

Water soluble-There is no settling of the products, no need to “shake well”. There is no vegetable protein base. We purchase minerals from the mining industry the same as pharmaceutical companies, the difference comes in the particle breakdown, we go through a proprietary process to achieve the level that provides the body with optimum absorption. We harvest the minerals after they’ve acquired the ionized charge and then re-introduce the minerals into super clean water. Thus, we have “Water Divine” a ministry based on providing people with education on healthy alternatives .


What’s in our product?

The answer is very simple, it’s minerals and water. We understand that when the body needs, let’s say calcium, it needs calcium not calcium carbonate. So let’s look at what’s in some of our products.

Product Ingredients:

  • Calcium-Calcium and super clean water
  • Magnesium-Magnesium and super clean water
  • Silver-Silver and super clean water
  • Sulfur-Sulfur and super clean water

We could go on, but I think you now understand what’s in our products. No additives just the mineral and super clean, 6 stage filtered water.

More about our differences:
More than 90% of manufacturers manipulate a micron-sized particle by adding, for example, carbon and oxygen to calcium making it, “calcium carbonate”. This tricks the brain into thinking the nutrient is something that the body can use. So, it attempts to pull the nutrient through the intestinal wall and in to the blood stream. But, once in the blood stream the cells can’t assimilate the nutrient because it is still too large. Thus, the brain makes an effort to store these huge particles somewhere in the body.

Walt’s products never tricks the body because we truly understand what the body needs. We are one of the only companies that produce angstrom-sized, water soluble, and naturally ionized nutrients (ALL THREE ARE REQUIRED FOR MAXIMUM BENEFIT). Our minerals are readily absorbed at the cellular level.

Complete Body Cleansing System

As we stated before any wellness message that does not include the message
of cleansing is an incomplete message. The Complete Body Cleansing System is one of the most comprehensive cleanses in the industry. Some of the cleanses that it includes are a Colon, Liver and Gall Bladder Cleanse, Toxic Sludge, Arterial and Heart Valve, Heavy Metal, and even a Fat Cell Cleanse for those concerned about their Blood Sugar Wellness.

Anything else that makes us different??

Minerals and vitamins are two of the most important nutrients known to man. They have a chain like dependency. One mineral depends on another mineral, which depends on a vitamin and so on. We call this synergy. The wellness of your body is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain. Consider Sulfur. Sulfur is very key for those who are targeting bone and Joint Wellness. However, Sulfur is dependent on Molybdenum for the best result. But what if you are getting enough Sulfur and Molybdenum, but not enough Vitamin C? Then Sulfur and Molybdenum will not have their maximum impact.


This is a term used by our science community to let us know that the nutrient is required to give long life. Helping the body balance with highly absorb-able angstrom minerals essential & trace is what we do.

The Body Balance Kit has combined 40+Essential and trace minerals as well as Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E along with the amino acids into our flagship product, The Body Foundation twin Kit. Understand, if a person is deficient in just one mineral or vitamin it could compromise the body’s ability to heal itself.

The Body Foundation twin kit may be the only nutritional supplement on the market that targets Balancing the entire body foundation needs for our base nutritional supplements.

One Final Difference
The intellectual distribution- You will learn and understand about your body and how to position it to prevent diseases, heal itself and optimize your health!

The Potential!
The healthcare system of the future (Wellness Industry)
The future of healthcare will focus on wellness and preventive measures. This new proactive approach will focus on finding products and services that prevent disease from developing, slow the aging process, and help us feel and look better.

The Baby Boomers will see how the prior system impoverished their parents and grand parents, convincing them that the aging process meant that they could no longer be active and look younger. The Baby Boomers will want a long, quality life and will want to maintain their youth. This huge portion of our population will lead the charge in truly understanding our body and wellness.

The Generation X (born l964-l982, by 2010 will be entering their highest spending years and will have the Baby Boomers’ health and wellness mentality of taking a proactive approach to their health, thus, making the Wellness Industry a $l trillion industry by 2010 or 2012. They will want to be empowered with the knowledge and capability of achieving and maintaining optimum health. Our church understand the “Wellness” needs of America and has positioned himself to provide not only the products needed, but the education that will allow them to make the most informed decisions about their health.

The Process

Through our “Five Step System”, we will assist you, regardless of age and present physical condition, in optimizing your health. Understand there is a difference between being physically fit and being healthy. We show you how to be healthy.

Step One: The Body Foundation twin Kit
Body Foundation Twin KitRegardless of how beautiful the house is, the most important part of the house is the foundation. That’s why Walt’s minerals address the foundation needs of your body first. To attempt to build upon a weak foundation would mean building upon a structure that will, over time collapse.

Step Two: The Complete Cleanse Kit
Complete Cleanse KitYou must remove the toxins that have weakened your immune system and that created an environment for diseases in to live and grow.

Step Three: Exercise
Sorry we can’t help with this one fully. But as you complete Steps one and Two, you will have the necessary energy to feel like exercising.

Step Four: Monitor pH
Few diseases can live or survive when the body’s pH level is where it needs to be! Therefore, when you learn how to maintain a pH level of 7.4 without manipulation of our body, it’s very difficult to get sick. And when you do maintain the PH, the body will be positioned to quickly heal itself. You will learn numerous strategies to raise your pH level. It’s one of the keys to living in a state of “Wellness”.

Step Five: Target Specific Areas of Wellness
According to two-time Nobel Prize winner, Linus C. Pauling, most, if not, all diseases or physical ailments may be caused by mineral deficiencies. And, when the body has the right minerals the body has a better chance of healing itself. Therefore, once you learn what mineral(s) your body is deficient in and you get the right mineral(s) the body will heal itself!! Targeting a organ or gland with extra nutrition is the key to increase healing. Water Divine Ministries knowledge and information on each mineral will help you understand and apply this process easily. Call our church at 1(256) 595-2368 to learn more!

Water that’s truly Divine by adding water soluble  naturally ionized, angstrom sized minerals. The body will heal itself ” its not magic”…let our ministry show you how.